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Why Rely?

  • Rely Radiology maintains an accuracy rate significantly higher than the industry average.
  • At Rely Radiology, we offer reports 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year. Our radiologists are always available for consultations.
  • Rely Radiology has a solid 25 year reputation for reading and interpreting exams.
  • Our national network of more than 80 Board Certified radiologists and cardiologists enable us to expertly meet our customers’ needs and deadlines.
  • Using our proprietary electronic-based software, TelradX and a PACS system, our images can be sent to medical providers anytime, anywhere – accurately quickly and effectively. Our innovative technologies allow us to process studies based on CPT and ICD-9 industry standard coding.
  • We interpret more than 2.5 million radiology and cardiology studies per year and can deliver high-quality studies with a competitive price point due to our economies of scale.
  • Rely Radiology serves 48 states and delivers the fastest turnaround time for final reports.
  • We are HIPAA-compliant and all communications are secured.
  • All of our radiologists and cardiologists are U.S.-based and Board Certified.
  • We have a strong Quality Assurance program to ensure continuous improvement.
  • We are Joint Commission Accredited.
  • We participate in the American College of Peer Review Program.
Rely Radiology